Directive No. 1/88 of the Ministry of Home and Religious Affairs, signed by Maj-Gen. Phone Myint, prescribes the following Form for registration of associations and organizations, to be submitted to the Township LORC under the State/Division LORC where the organization is located:


Form (A)

Application for formation of associations in accordance with the Law for Formation of Associations or Organizations

1. Name of the association or organization [hereinafter "a/o"]

2. Date on which the [a/o] is formed

3. Address of the [a/o]

4. Objective and work programme of the [a/o]

5. Organizational rules of the [a/o] (Attach the statement)

6. List of the executive committee members (Attach the statement)

7. Membership number of the [a/o]

8. The last financial accounts of the [a/o] (Attach the statement)

9. List of properties owned by the [a/o] (Attach the statement]

10. Activities carried out by the [a/o]

11. Date on which the application form is submitted

(U/Daw ___________)


National Registration Certificate No. _____



(“Working People’s Daily” 4 October 1988)