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Ananda.gif ( 1152 x 900 8 bit-color

Subject: Ananda.gif ( 1152 x 900 8 bit-color)

It's probably the most famous temple in Pagan. Those of you who are have
PC, you will have to get public domain version of uudecode and uncompress
from somewhere (ftp,etc...)
This is a GIF version of sunraster file, unix's compressed and uuencoded.
Each have 1500 lines of uuencoded picture. If any of you want a copy let me
know. I am not sure how big of a file mailer can handle. I've heard 50k tops.
If that so, I will have to cut up file even smaller.
                          92957 Apr 14 12:11 ananda.1
                          93000 Apr 14 12:11 ananda.2
                          93000 Apr 14 12:11 ananda.3
                          93000 Apr 14 12:11 ananda.4
                          93000 Apr 14 12:11 ananda.5
                          31478 Apr 14 12:11 ananda.6