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Myanmar Photo Contest

/* Written  7:47 pm  Apr 21, 1994 by cbeatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:soc.cult.burma */
/* ---------- "Myanmar Photo Contest" ---------- */

Planning a trip to Myanmar?  Whether you call it Myanmar or Burma,
you may be interested in entering a unique photo contest sponsored
by Burmese Relief Center--Japan.  The contest is called "Behind the
Slorc Whitewash Photo Contest," and its slogan is "Shoot the
Dictatorship!"  The idea is for travelers to that benighted country to
take pictures while there that will illuminate the "realities of life
under the dictatorship."

This is a genuine contest, with cash prizes for first, second, and
third place photographs, and Burmese gifts for honorable mentions.

Pictures may be in b/w or color, and will be judged on technical and
artistic merit as well as content.

The contest is sponsored by Burmese Relief Center--Japan; details
can be obtained from them at 266-27 Ozuku-cho, Kashihara-shi,
Nara-ken 634, Japan; tel: (07442) 2-8236, fax: (07442) 4-6254.

There is a poster available, suitable for photocopying and wide
distribution.  If I knew how to post it for everybody to see, I would, but
I can't.  That poster is avaialable by fax from me or from Burmese Relief
Center--Japan.  If you are planning to go to Burma before the end of the
contest December 1, 1994, this is your chance to do something for the
people living under Slorc's rule.  As the poster says, "an informed
visitor who can expose what's behind the whitewash is a friend of Burma's
people and a foe of the junta."

Cameron Beatty (cameronb@xxxxxxxxxxx)