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Lt-Gen [four]Khin Nyunt (comment)

>Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt was quoted as saying that Burma was willing to 
>cooperate with Thailand and would begin its plan to suppress 
>warlord Khun Sa who is the biggest heroin dealer in this region. 
>The issue of finding replacement crops for marijuana and opium was 
>also raised.

Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt lies again. He is also known as Four-Khin Nyunt.
The nickname name was given after his role in heroin trafficing
after he made peace with Wa, a rival group and bigger competitor
to Khun Sa. "Four" came from the fact that heroine-grade number four
being the most addictive (or purest?) form of heroine.  Khin Hyunt
involment in drug trafficing was well known on the border areas.

Now that Khin Nyunt is working with Wa, both Wa and SLORC is pushing 
out Khun Sa. Khun Sa is a small fish compared to Wa's involment
in heroine trafficking.

:w sea-s