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/* Written  3:25 pm  Apr 27, 1994 by tun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:soc.cult.burma */
/* ---------- "Aung-San-Suu-Kyi.gif" ---------- */
Just sent a four-part gifs of Aung San Suu Kyi in 8-bit color to 
soc.culture burma. It looked really good on a Mac but it didn't look as 
good on my SPARC's monitor. Those of you who has somekind of image 
processing software can touch in up and send it back to me or something. xv 
and xloadiamge has -brighten switch to make it look alittle brighter.

Don't ask me for a gifs of weisel (4-Khin Nyunt and Shu Maung aka [Ne Win]). 
They are not worthy of the bandwidth and my time. 

Soon - I will be able to convert video to GIF of shooting scences from 
1988 right in front the US Embassy in Rangoon. It is not a pretty sight.