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Burmese Wordprocessing

To all interested in a Burmese Wordprocessor:

A Burmese true type font, named SUUKYI.TTF, which can be used with
Windows-based wordprocessors, including Windows Write and Notepad,
is available -- FREE.

The font was developed in honor of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San
Suu Kyi and all the people devoted to the cause of democracy and justice
in our country, Burma.

The font is available free to anyone who is interested in promoting the
cause of democracy in Burma and provided he/she does not rename or make
changes to the font or sell it to anyone.

Send a disk (any DOS format/size) with a self-addressed envelope and you
will receive the font and a SuuKyi font keyboard layout. Installation
procedures are quite simple and will be on the disk as a readme file.

National Coalition Government
Suite 609, Bldg 815
15th Street NW
Washington DC 20005