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If You Can't Say Something Nice

/* Written 10:25 am  Apr 30, 1994 by s0lg@xxxxxxxxx in igc:soc.culture.th */
/* ---------- "If You Can't Say Something Nice" ---------- */
strider@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> The article purports to be a conversation between a Thai and a Vietnamese, in
> which the Vietnamese is quoted as telling the Thai:
>      Though your girl is not Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, you believe that
>      she is more intelligent and more patriotic.  Sirindhorn is a well-
>      known person as she was born from the Thai King; however, if she
>      were born from an ordinary farmer or fisherman, she would have
>      become a prostitute.
>                          (Myatkhin'thit, Feb. 94, p. 135)

A totally disgraceful insult - there is no possibility whatever of 
Sirindhorn being a prostitute, as she is nowhere near nice enough