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Burma Envoy bids Chuan Farewell


OUTGOING Burmese Ambassador to Thailand U Phone Myint yesterday
reaffirmed his country's whishes for peace and stability, saying
that current political developments were the results of ongoing
democratic reforms. 
Mr U Phone Myint made the statement during a courtesy call to bid
farewell to Prime Minister Chuan at government House yesterday
morning, after completing his mission in Bangkok.
He has been reassigned ambassador to Souel.
The Ambassador said Burma was pleased with bilateral relation
between the two neighbors, especially economic relations
following the singing, on Sep, of the 30 years Yadana gas sale
agreement worth some 10 billion bath each year.
He thanked Thailand for inviting Burma as guest to the t annual
meeting of the foreign minister of ASEAN in Bangkok in July.
Mr chuan replied that even though Thailand was initially
criticized for the invitation, he was pleased the international
community has developed a better understanding of Burma and there
was a trend to wards accepting the ASEAN sponsored constructive
engagement policy toward that country.
He congratulated the Ambassador for his contribution to better
bilateral relations, especially his understanding of the border
Mr Chuan reiterated Thailand's policy towards Burma's minorities,
some of whom live along the 2,000-kilometer common border, saying
it adhered to the humanitarian principles in granting them
temporary refuge without intending to allow foreign fugitives to
remain in the country.
However, Thailand considers Burma not only a neighbor, but a
brother who shares a similar culture and religion. Thailand wish
to see peace and stability in Burma, as well as political and
economic development. Thailand cannot prosper alone, as problem
inside Burma affect us too.
Mr Phone Myint said he will convey Mr Chuan's message to his
government, formally known as the Slorc.(BP)


Maesot, Reuters

BURMA has imposed harsh new travel restrictions in the country's
southeast, apparently in an attempt to stop people going to
Thailand to find work, Burmese traders said yesterday.
Burmese peoples in the border town of Myawadi must notify
military authorities if they want to travel from their home for
any reason, including going to nearby forest areas for work or
to travel to Thailand, the threader said.
Recently, at least 10 people have been arrested and sentenced to
6-months jail terms under the law regulations, said traders
arriving in this western Thai border town.
Last June, Burmese troops in Myawwadi for the first time began
preventing people from crossing into Thailand, saying their
labour would only profit Thailand.