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                          KAREN NATIONAL UNION
                Statement Of Eleventh Congress Of KNU

1. Eleventh Congress of the KNU was being successfully held from
August 21, to August 31, 1995. One hundred and six KNU
representatives and 79 observers from the civil as well as the
military establishments in all provinces attended the Congress.

2. After deliberation upon the prevailing domestic and
international situations, the Congress  made necessary
modifications with regard to policies and programs of the Karen
revolution, and Constitution of the KNU, so as to make them to be
in consonant with time.

3. The Congress elected 35 candidates consisting of senior,
middle and younger leaders as Central Standing Committee members
and from among the 35, the Congress again elected eleven members
to serve on the Central Executive Committee. The Congress also
elected 20 young leaders as candidate members to the Central
Standing Committee.

4. In addition, the Congress elected Gen. Saw Bo Mya as
President, Saw Shwe Saing as vice-President, Saw Ba Thin as
General Secretary, and Mahn Sha Lar Pan and Saw Tu Tu Lay as
Joint-General Secretaries of the KNU.

5. With the reconfirmation of 11th Congress, the KNU is to
undertake the following important tasks. They are:

(a) To further consolidate the KNU morally, politically and

(b) To further strengthen the Karen National Liberation Army and
Karen National Defence Organization so that they may be able to
serve more than ever the interests of the people and the Karen

(c) To endeavour for the unity of the entire Karen nation;

(d) To continue to uphold the stand of holding and to endeavour
for a dialogue between the KNU and SLORC for the establishment of
genuine and lasting peace in the country.

In conclusion, we, the KNU, would like to affirm that we will
firmly join hands together with the entire people and fellow
alliance forces, and resolutely struggle on for victory by
upholding high our objectives of the establishment of genuine
peace, democracy and a genuine federal union.

September 1, 1995                    Eleventh Congress of the KNU