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Dawn Owe Wai (Burmese vision)

3 September 1995
Dear  friends,
I am so sorry  for  your inconvenience regarding our  Dawn Owe Wai (in 
Burmese) in changing into the Burmese fonts. Here, some tips for decoding  from 
English  into Burmese.
1. You  need to install Win Burmese font (Created by Mr.Burma) in your 
2. Capture all the English letters from E-mail.
3. Save the files as word or write.
4.Select them all and change into Win-Burmese Font.

If you do not have Win-Burmese Font, you can  ask  from the following 
1.  Aye Chan Naing <absdf@xxxxxxxxxx>
2.  Ko Soe Pyne <maung@xxxxxxxxxxx>
3.   Ken & Visaka Kawasaki<NBH0114@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
4.   Kennet<ook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
With  love  and solidarity,
ABSDF ( Dawn Gwin )