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Regarding ABSDF (r)

Hello NBH,

I am a medical student from Institute of Medicine(1) in Rangoon.
I have been here serving in ABSDF for almost seven years. Me and
five friends of mine from IM(1) and IM(2) were arrested on March
17, 1988 at Ava hall in RASU and then expelled from Institute of
Medicines in the beginning of June, 1988 when the universities
were reopen. But later authorities reannounced for allowing us
to rejoin the medical Institute in the middle of June of 1988 as
the medical students called the strikes in each medical
Institute. One of my closed friends from IM (2), namely Zaw Lwin
Htun(3rd M.B,B.S_IM 2, Rangoon) was gunned down by the Slorc
troops (from the top of the Union Bank buliding) in front of the
US embassy on September 19, 1988 in Rangoon. I can not yet forget
those days in 1988. Many students and people were killed on the
streets and we were pushed to take up arms to fight them back
for the democratic causes. ABSDF was a one of the consequences of
the 8888 uprising after the brutal crackdown by the military.

Regarding the ABSDF, there are many underlying factors that you
do not understand. I will be very happy to explain you, when I
have a time and a chance to be with you, if you really want to
know what you didn't know about ABFSU, DPNS and ABSDF with
details. Thanks. 

A student from ABSDF(MTZ)