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Regarding ABSDF (r)

Dear NBH and To Whom It Directly May Concern:
	It is very disappointing to read the recent post from NBH on ABSDF. 
That letter not only disappointed ABSDF's supporters but also misled the 
ABSDF's actions and the SPIRIT of BURMESE STUDENTS. 
	I am one of the students who happened to be gotten to US as a result of 
active participation in 88 in Burma. These stories are long and each of those
belongs to each individuals who took part in 88 in Burma. I have maybe not 
worse than but at least the same experiences in 88 as did a student from ABSDF
(MTZ), who recently replied your letter. Let us keep those personal stories 
apart from our concerns upon recenet posting "Regarding ABSDF" in Burmanet.
	It is good to have diverse opinions and debates that really matter to
establish democracy in a community. Disagreements and factions are the main
elements of DEMOCRACY, but those are not really crucial matters to achieve the
main goal of a community. The time "Now" for "Burmese Students' Struggle For 
Democracy" is delicate, and not yet so mature enough to begin historical 
explanation on "who did what and who got what." Let's put those personal notes
in our dirary books in order to reveal public in coming mature time. Now is 
just the time to work together for our struggle. "You've got to put the past
behind you before you can move on" as Forrest Gump said on the National
	Therefore, the original writer of recent letter "Regarding ABSDF" has
lack of consideration upon the main goal and has premature preoccupation on
her/his concerns. On top of that, the letter came out with no signs, no
official acknowledgements and responsoble signals. This fact causes me and
others to be confused in the meaning of that letter and the manner of it. It
could be assumed that it was written by NBH03114@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx IF he/she 
absents to present the original writer of it.
	That is the main reason I request for further explanation on it.
	With Solidarity,
	Tun Myint.

>From:	PO3::"lurie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "Caroline Lurie"  6-SEP-1995 10:35:13.71
>To:	NBH03114@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, TMYINT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subj:	Re: Regarding ABSDF
>Hello NBH,
>I am a medical student from Institute of Medicine(1) in Rangoon.
>I have been here serving in ABSDF for almost seven years. Me and
>five friends of mine from IM(1) and IM(2) were arrested on March
>17, 1988 at Ava hall in RASU and then expelled from Institute of
Medicines in the beginning of June, 1988 when the universities
>were reopen. But later authorities reannounced for allowing us
>to rejoin the medical Institute in the middle of June of 1988 as
>the medical students called the strikes in each medical
>Institute. One of my closed friends from IM (2), namely Zaw Lwin
>Htun(3rd M.B,B.S_IM 2, Rangoon) was gunned down by the Slorc
>troops (from the top of the Union Bank buliding) in front of the
>US embassy on September 19, 1988 in Rangoon. I can not yet forget
>those days in 1988. Many students and people were killed on the
>streets and we were pushed to take up arms to fight them back
>for the democratic causes. ABSDF was a one of the consequences of
>the 8888 uprising after the brutal crackdown by the military.
>Regarding the ABSDF, there are many underlying factors that you
>do not understand. I will be very happy to explain you, when I
>have a time and a chance to be with you, if you really want to
>know what you didn't know about ABFSU, DPNS and ABSDF with
>details. Thanks. 
>A student from ABSDF(MTZ)