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Info Needed on Trip of Reps. Living

Subject: Info Needed on Trip of Reps. Livingston and Archer to Burma

To all BurmaWatchers, 

Any information you might have regarding the recent trip in August of U.S.
Represenative Bob Livingston (Chairman, House Appropriations Committee) and
U.S. Representative Bill Archer (Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee)
to Burma would be greatly appreciated.  It is my understanding that they
went in the company of a Texaco corporate lobbyist and met with top levels
of the SLORC (but not with Aung San Suu Kyi).  Burma watchers here in
Washington would like to know more, especially with the debate on the
McConnell bill coming up.  

Please either send information directly to me or post it. 

thank you, 

Phil Robertson