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"Beyond Rangoon" in the Australian

Subject: "Beyond Rangoon" in the Australian Parliament House.

BURMA: deliverance of a kind

A GLASS or two of the sparkly stuff, and a getting-to-know you interlude, 
preceded a film premiere in the Senate cinema, Parliament House last 
week. Organised by the bi-partisan Parliamentary Friends of Burma, and 
the Australian Foundation for Democracy, the film took the audience 
beyond Canberra.

BEYOND BURMA, based on atrue story of the events in Burma in 1988, is a 
new film by John Boorman, who produced DELIVERANCE, EXCALIBUR and HOPE 
and GLORY. It shows the troubled country in its beauty, its complicated 
political face, and the several layers of its private faces.

Host Senator Margaret Reid welcomed guests, and Foreign Affairs Minister 
Senator Gareth Evans addressed the audience, with equal time for 
Opposition spokesman, Alexander Downer.

He recalled the last time he had gone to the pictures with Senator Evans; 
theyd seen SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Vicki Bourne, secretary of the 
Parliamentray Friends of Burma also spoke on the importance of Burmas 
fight for freedom, and of the recent release of Aung San Suu Kyi.

In the audience were Sir David and Lady Smith, Christabel Chamaretee, 
Elizabeth and Geoff Allen (a former Australian Ambassador to Burma), 
Michael Thwaites, Brontgomerie, party organiser Amanda Zappia with her 
husband Sam, their daughter Annusha and their son Tyron, Brendan and Pat 
Kelson, and the Collaery family - Bernard, Ann, and son Matthew.

By Norma Allen.


The photograph of Burmese students, Zeya Oo and Hnin Nwe Soe - at 
Parliament House last week for the film BEYOND RANGOON, was showed in 
the newspaper.


The Burmese students in Australia, Mr Naing, Mr Zeya Oo, Mr Myo Aye and 
Ms Hnin Nwe Soe were at the Parliament House for the film on August 18, 1995.

(THE CANBERRA TIMES, Monday, September 4, 1995, page 12).