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Burmese paintings for sale

>From zni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tue Sep  5 17:52:50 1995
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 1995 19:50:25 -0500
To: tun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Coban Tun)
Subject: Burmese paintings for Sale


Please post on soc.culture.burma, art servers, BurmaNet, etc. Thanks.

Dear Friends of Burma:

I am promoting, voluntarily , the sale of water color paintings by Saya U
Win Pe, one of the best-known artists from Burma who now resides in New
York City.

There are 11 paintings which reflect the Burmese cultural life amongst the
bulk of people.

I myself value Saya U Win Pe's paintings, as his name has been a familiar
one among artists in Mandalay, which was considered, until the recent
sinonization under the malicious and corrupt SLORC,the center of Burmese
cultures and traditions.

Saya's art works are of high quality by any standards, be they Burmese
films, literary works, or paintings.

Saya U Win Pe has directed first-class movies,has written short stories
some of which have been translated into other languages and appeared in
international publications, and travelled widely in the US on lecture tours
at a number of US universities on Burmese art and literature. If things
work out, Saya will be holding a workshop and/or giving a series of lecture
at the University of Wisconsin this fall.

I can't resist the temptation to add a personal note about U Win Pe.  Not
only has he spent most of his life (in Burma) in literary and art circle
being the son of a famous Burmese scholar, Sayagyi Shwe Pyi U Ba Tin from
Mandalay but he also passed on the talents to his daughter, Mimi Win Pe (a)
Aye Thi Khine, a well-known singer.

Anyway if anyone interested in collecting high quality pieces of Burmese
art, please contact me at (608) 256-6572 (Tel) or zarni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have a total of 11 paintings (all in water color) that capture the life
of the  temperamentally peace- and fun-loving people of our beloved Burma,
which contrasts sharply with the inhuman and ruthless nature of the current
regime in power.

Roughly  Saya's paitings sell at $100 a piece, and will be sent via snail
mail.  (Won't charge the shpping and handling as this is not really an art



PS I'm NOT a middle-man who is getting commissions out of the sales: it's
completely out of my respect and value I place on his art works that I am
trying to promote his work among Burma-lovers and our compatriots.

NOTE:  For the information contained herein (especially political
comments), I alone am responsible and it doesn't necessarily indicate the
artist's endorsement.