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Burmese paintings for sale (r)

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>Dear Friends of Burma:
>I am promoting, voluntarily , the sale of water color paintings by Saya U
>Win Pe, one of the best-known artists from Burma who now resides in New
>York City.
>There are 11 paintings which reflect the Burmese cultural life amongst the
>bulk of people.
>I myself value Saya U Win Pe's paintings, as his name has been a familiar
>one among artists in Mandalay, which was considered, until the recent
>sinonization under the malicious and corrupt SLORC,the center of Burmese
>cultures and traditions.
>Saya's art works are of high quality by any standards, be they Burmese
>films, literary works, or paintings.
>Saya U Win Pe has directed first-class movies,has written short stories
>some of which have been translated into other languages and appeared in
>international publications, and travelled widely in the US on lecture
>tours at a number of US universities on Burmese art and literature. If
>things work out, Saya will be holding a workshop and/or giving a series of
>lecture at the University of Wisconsin this fall.
>I can't resist the temptation to add a personal note about U Win Pe.  Not
>only has he spent most of his life (in Burma) in literary and art circle
>being the son of a famous Burmese scholar, Sayagyi Shwe Pyi U Ba Tin from
>Mandalay but he also passed on the talents to his daughter, Mimi Win Pe
>(a) Aye Thi Khine, a well-known singer.
>Anyway if anyone interested in collecting high quality pieces of Burmese
>art, please contact me at (608) 256-6572 (Tel) or zarni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>I have a total of 11 paintings (all in water color) that capture the life
>of the  temperamentally peace- and fun-loving people of our beloved Burma,
>which contrasts sharply with the inhuman and ruthless nature of the
>current regime in power.
>Roughly  Saya's paitings sell at $100 a piece, and will be sent via snail
>mail.  (Won't charge the shpping and handling as this is not really an art
>PS I'm NOT a middle-man who is getting commissions out of the sales: it's
>completely out of my respect and value I place on his art works that I am
>trying to promote his work among Burma-lovers and our compatriots.
>NOTE:  For the information contained herein (especially political
>comments), I alone am responsible and it doesn't necessarily indicate the
>artist's endorsement.