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Info on Burma Bills and Debate in U

Subject: Info on Burma Bills and Debate in US Congress

Dear BurmaWatchers, 

I've been asked by several people where to find information about the
McConnell bill, S. 1092, the Free Burma Act of 1995, which calls for
comprehensive sanctions against the SLORC regime.  

This information is available at the following world-web site:
http://thomas.loc.gov   This is the Library of Congress web site where
copies of all bills introduced in the current Congress (104th) can be
introduced.  Queries can also be run for subjects, like "Burma", to get a
list of all the bills which mention Burma.  Also, floor speeches as the
appeared in the Congressional Record can also be downloaded.  Give it a
whirl, it's pretty excellent!

For those American citizens who wish to lobby their Congressmen, it's
possible the more technologically advanced of those individuals may already
have a web site set up.  Most of them can be accessed at web site

Finally, if you're really serious about this, you should consider purchasing
an excellent Congressional guide (complete with addresses, phone and fax
contact information and breakdown of various Committees) called "Congress at
Your Fingertips".  The standard version is worth getting and it only costs
$7 or $8. Ask for more information at phone (703) 734-3266 or (800) 659-8708. 

If you have any questions about all this, please drop me a line at

Hope that you all find this helpful, 

Cheers and best wishes, 

Phil Robertson