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The following is the list of Central Standing Committee of the Karen National
Union elected in the eleventh Congress of the KNU

Time : August 21-31, 1995
Place: Secret Location in Burma
Representatives: 106
Observers : 79

1.  Saw Bo Mya,    President  ( Chief of Bureau for Alliance Foreign Affairs)
2.  Saw Shwe Saing,      Vice-President ( Chief of Bureau for Defence Affairs)
3.  Saw Ba Thin,         General Secretary
4.  Malm Sha Lar Phan,   Joint Gen. Sec. (l)
5.  Saw Tu Tu Lay,       Joint Gen. Sec. (2)
6.  Saw Kaser Doh,  	 ( Chief of Bureau for Financial Affairs )
7.  Saw Aung San,   	 ( Chief of Bureau for Economic Affairs )
8.  Saw Gaw Soe,         ( Chief Of Bureau for Organizational Affairs )
9.  Saw Maung Maung,     ( Chief of Bureau for General Administrative Affairs ) 10. Saw San Lin,         ( Chief of Bureau for Social Affairs )
11. Saw Baw Yu Paw,      ( chief of Bureau for Disciplinary Work for Monitoring
12. Gen. Tamla Baw,           Central Standing Committee member.
13. Gen. Hla Htoo,                  CSC member
14. Brig- Gen. Ralph,               CSC member
15. Brig- Gen. Kyaw Thaung,         CSC member
16. Dr. Marta,                      CSC member
17. Saw Shwe Ya Heh,                CSC member
18. Saw Roger,                      CSC member
19. Saw David ThareKabaw,           CSC member
20. Mahn Satila,                    CSC member
21. Saw Gweh Htoo,                  CSC member
22. Saw Oliver,                     CSC member
23. Saw Mu Htoo,                    CSC member
24. Saw Klee Say,                   CSC member
25. Saw Tar Er,                     CSC member
26. Brig. Gen. Htin Maung,          CSC member
27. Saw Ah Toe,                     CSC member
28. Brig. Gen. Kyaw Lin,            CSC member
29. Saw Taki Baw,                   CSC member
30. Saw Hla Shwe,                   CSC member
31. Brig. Gen. Taw La,              CSC member
32. Brig. Gen. Sherman,             CSC member
33. Saw Authar Shwe,                CSC member
34. Brig. Gen. Ah See,              CSC member
35. Naw Lar Poe,                    CSC member

CSC = Central Standing Committee
KNU = Karen National Union