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BRC-J's back (r)

Dear Ken & Visakha,
	I'm glad to hear that you are back and I look forward to hearing 
your stories of "nettles" sometime (Isn't there a Tanizaki novel called 
"Some Prefer Nettles"?).  We were pleased to find out that Caroline and 
Aung Thu moved to Tokyo during the summer and to have the chance to see 
them a couple times.  Finally we made it to Shwenandaw and they selected 
some delicious dishes for us.  Also, I went on the BYVA fundraiser trip to 
Chiba -ken at the end of August and enjoyed getting to know more BYVA 
members.  I wish I could have participated in their demonstration at the 
Burmese Embassy yesterday, but it's the one day I have both work at Keio 
and class at ICU.
	I still have the copy of the article from the Asahi Shimbun with 
the debate between Yokota and Win Khet and the report on education for 
the Karen in a way that will preserve their culture and wisdom; if you 
are interested, I can mail them (the article is in Japanese and the 
report is about 25 pages, though).  Also, I lost the piece of paper where 
I took down the Sophia University missionary's name, the one who is 
advising a human rights group of students on campus.  If you'd like, I'll 
still get in touch with him.  Probably we won't be doing much at ICU as a 
group unless you have a performer or art exhibit, but I am willing to hook 
people up with each other.
	By the way, I finally got a chance to look at the National 
Geographic article on Burma.  I didn't have time to read it all, but I 
can't wait to go back and do so.  As Visakha said, it is very moving.
	Well, there has been a lot going this year within Burma and on 
the borders.  I am sure you both have your hands full.  I'll be curious 
to hear the latest plans for BRC-J when you get a chance.
	Take care,