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"Military Bureaucracy of SLORC (ABS

Subject: "Military Bureaucracy of SLORC (ABSDF) [

Burmese Relief Center--Japan
DATE:September 13, 1995
Sub:Excerpts from "Military Bureaucracy of SLORC"

(We found only a few civilians in the whole report and only
one woman.  But then what kind of official delegation did
SLORC send to Beijing?)

"Military Bureauracy of SLORC"
September 4, 1995
13 pages
from the Documentation and Research Centre
P.O. Box 42
Mae Hong Son P.O.
Mae Hong Son 58000


Since the military coup led by General Ne Win on 2 March
1962, the military has launched a systematic militarisation by
replacing almost all the intellectual civilian posts in every
adminstrative sector with the officers in uniform.  With the
lack of experience in individual fields, every civil and
professorial administration has been ruined by the
monopolisation of the military.  That mismanagement led the
country into the Least Developed Country (LDC) with 4000
million US$ foreign debt in December 1987.

Consequently, Burmese people called for an end to one party
dictatorship and restoration of democracy in their motherland. 
Although one party rule was at its sunset because of the nation-wide uprisings
, the military took over power and established a
new junta in Sptember 1988 in order to safeguard the military
dynasty and the hierarchy of the outgoing regime.  Claiming to
introduce the "Free Market Economy" in Burma, the SLORC
military junta reformed the bureaucracy.  But they readopted
the old and unpopular model of militarisation, assigning army
officers to all civil administration posts.  At the same time,
SLORC has been convening "National Convention" to
legitimise the role of the miltiary in Burma's future politics.

We do hope that this "Military Bureaucracy of SLORC" will
help you improve your awareness of how the regime
monopolises the civil administration. 

Documentation and Research Centre
All Burma Students' Democratic Front
September 4, 1995


1  Senior General Than Shwe,
    Chairman  Prime- Minister,
    Commander-in-Chief of Defence Service, Minister for
2  General Maung Aye, Vice-Chairman,   
    Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services 
3  Vice-Adm. Maung Maung Khin
    Member    Deputy Prime- Minister
4  Lt-Gen. Tin Htun
    Member   Deputy- Prime-Minister 
5  Lt-Gen. Phone Myint 
    Member    Chairman of Security & Management Committee
6  Lt-Gen. Aung Ye Kyaw  
    Member   Member of Security & Management Committee
7  Lt-Gen. Sein Aung
    Member   Minister for Industry No. 1
8  Lt-Gen. Chit Swe
    Member    Minister for Forestry
9  Lt-Gen. Kyaw Ba
    Member    Minister for Hotel & Tourism
10  Lt-Gen. Maung Thint
    Member. Minister for Progress of Border Area 
    & National Race & Development
11  Lt-Gen. Aye Thaung
   Member   Minister for Labor
12  Lt-Gen. Myint Aung
    Member   Minister for Agriculture
13   Lt-Gen. Mya Thin
    Member   Minister for Interior Affairs
14   Lt-Gen. Htun Kyi  
    Member   Minister for Trade
15   Lt-Gen. Myo Nyunt
    Member   Minister for Religious Affairs
16  Lt-Gen. Maung Hla
    Member   Minister for Immigration & & Manpower
17  Lt-Gen. Kyaw Min     
    Member   Minister for Mines
18  Maj-Gen Soe Myint 
    Member    Minister Social Welfare & Resettlement
19   Maj-Gen Nyan Lin
    Member    No Portfolio
20   Lt-Gen. Khin Nyunt 
     Secretary-l   Director of Defence Special Intelligence
     Director of Military Strategy Study
21    Lt-Gen. Tin Oo
      Secretary-2  Chief of Staff 
      Special Operation No.(1) Commander


1   Senior General    Than Shwe    Prime-Minister and Defence
2   V.Adm    Maung Maung Khin    Deputy Prime-Minister
3   Lt- Gen. Tin Tun     Deputy Prime Minister 
4   Lt-Gen.   Sein Aung   Industry 1 
5   Lt-Gen.   Chit Shwe    Forestry
6   Lt-Gen.   Myint Aung   Agriculture
7   Lt-Gen.   Kyaw Ba   Hotels & Tourism
8   Lt-Gen.   Maung Thint   Border Areas Development
9   Lt-Gen   Mya Thinn    Home
10  Lt-Gen. Kyaw Min    Mines
11  Lt-Gen  Tun Kyi    Trade
12  Lt-Gen.  Aye Thaung   Labor
13  Lt-Gen.  Myo Nyunt     Religious Affairs
14  Lt-Gen.  Thein Win   Transport
15  Lt-Gen.  Min Thein Office of the Chairman of SLORC
16   Lt-Gen.  Maung Hla   Immigration and Population
17                         Ohn Gyaw   Foreign
18   (Ex-Lt-Col)  Pang Aung   Education
19   (Ex-Col)   Win Sein    Rail Transport
20    (Ex-Lt-Col)   Khin Maung Thein  Energy
21                SoeTha     Communication, Post & Telegraph
22             Than Aung     Co-operative
23    V-Adm    Than Nyunt     Health
24   Maj-Gen   Kyaw Than    Industry - 2 
25   Maj-Gen    Soe Myint     Social Welfare & Resettlement
26   Maj-Gen    Aye Kyaw     Information
27   Maj-Gen    Saw Tun    Construction
28   Brig-Gen.  Win Tin    Finance & Revenue 
29   Brig-Gen.   David Abel   Planning & Economic
30   Brig-Gen.   Maung Maung   Livestock & Fisheries
31   Brig-Gen.   Thaung Myint   Culture
32   Brig-Gen.   Myo Thant   Office of the Chairman of
33   Brig-Gen.   Lun Maung   Prime Minister's Office
34   Col   Pe Thein    Prime Minister's Office
35   (Ex-Col)   Than Shwe    Prime Ministers Office
36                     Khin Maung Yin   Deputy Prime Minister's
37    Brig-Gen.Tin Aye   Deputy- Minister (Tourism)
38    Brig-Gen.  Maung Kyi   Deputy Minister (Social
39    Col   Tin Hlaing   Deputy, Minister (Home)
40   Col    Aung Thaung   Deputy Minister (Trade)
41   Col   Than Zin   Deputy Minister (Health)  
42   Col   Kyi Maung Deputy Minister (Education)
43           Dr. Than Nyunt Deputy Minister (Education)
44   (Ex-Col)  Nyunt Swe Deputy Minister (Foreign)
45  (Ex-Col)  Than Nyunt Deputy Minister (Industry 1)
46             Saw Tun Deputy Minister (Industry 2)
47              Aung Phone Deputy Minister (Forestry)
48              Aung Thein   Deputy Minister (Livestock &
49   (Ex-Lt-Col)   Soe Nyunt Deputy Minister (Culture)
50   (Ex-Col)   Aung Khin  Deputy Minister (Religious)
51                  Kyaw Tin  Deputy Minister (Border Areas)
52   (Ex-Col) Win Hlaing  Deputy Minister (Mines)
53                  Myint Thein Deputy Minister (Mines)
54                  Tin Hlaing Deputy Minister (Agriculture)
55    (Ex-Lt-Col)  San Wai  Deputy Minister (Transport)
56   (Ex-Lt-Col)  Thein Sein  Deputy Minister (Information)
57                Tin Tun   Deputy Minister (Energy)
58    (Ex-Col)   Aung San Deputy Minister (Construction)
59                Kyaw Aye Deputy Minister (Labor)
60                Win Naing  Deputy Minister (Finance and