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Shan mutiny

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Muangmai,8 September 1995. The breakaway MTA group, renamed the Shan National
Army, is being forced into beginning open armed clashes with its erstwhile
mother-organisation, reported a source coming into Thailand.

Unlike the DKBO, the breakaway Karen group which enthusiastically cooperated
with SLORC forces during their campaign against the KNU, the SSNA of Major
Karnyord during its three-month long seperate existence from the MTA has
carefully refrained from starting a civil war with the MTA, among whom are the
mutineers' close friends, relatives and life long comrades.Above all, the
presence of Gunjade,Karnyord's most respected exsuperior in the vicinity proves
an almost tangible deterrent.Instead, it has turned to the tactic of persuading
the dissatisfied soldiers to desert their units, which has had some success.

However, the ambitious SLORC commanders have not been impressed with Karnyord's
exploits, and have so far refused to bankroll his psychological operations,
except to print and distribute his anti-Khun Sa pamphlets. " Everytime he turns
toward the SLORC for funds and arms", says the source, " they keep asking him
when his military operations will start. So far, he has received only K 1
million from General Khin Nyunt, who sent his aide, Col San Pwint, to talk to
him in his stead."

In the meantime, the MTA, under the new leadership, has made a series of
concessions to Karnyord's demands, which includes the recall of controversial
commanders Yiapmong and Kaw-hat, collective leadership and an end to summary
executions without trial. It also promise 
amnesty and reinstatements for all returnees including Karnyord.Many prominent
Shan individuals and agencies are also mediating in order to head off an armed
conflict, which once begun would go out of control and and play directly into
the hands of SLORC.

Everything seems to rest on the decision of Karnyord, who is badly in need of
raw cash to upkeep his splinter army. The SLORC does not seem worried , so says
the source; " As far as it is concerned, Karnyord will be redubbed a drug
trafficker if he decides to go back to the MTA. And if he does attack the MTA,
the issue of  `who's the traitor and who's the real freedom fighter' will throw
great confusion among the populace and the resistance.And both outcomes are fine
with the SLORC."