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S.H.A.N.: DASSK negotiating with SL

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Subject: S.H.A.N.: DASSK negotiating with SLORC?

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Muangmai,8 September 1995.  A called from Rangoon has told S.H.A.N  that the
next round of the National Convention due to resume on 24 October might result
in a compromise between SLORC and  the NLD led by the Nobel Peace prize winner
Aung San Suu Kyi.

The caller, who demanded anonymity , said  " It is no secret that the SLORC and
ASSK have been negotiating. Of course,I dont't mean every member of the military
junta is happy about the latest development. But if everything turns out all
right , there will be good news for all before 24 October."
He however , refused elaboration. He even refused to name the particular members
of the SLORC team who are cooperating with the NLD although Gen Than Shwe, who
is reputed to be a good professional
soldier and a devout practising Buddhist, is suspected among a few others.

Though many  are fond to be elated by the turn of events, some are openly
skeptical. " There is a saying in Lahu: the clever pig allows the pig to dig and
scoop the earth until it becomes soft, then he barks the pig away and lies down
there" one said. " I fear Ms Suu Kyi may be allowed to straighten out all the
troubles the military has caused only to find everything under its controls
again afterwards."

Some of the officers in the Mong Tai Army which is undergoing several reforms
after being taken control of by a group led by Gunjade, is also worried." Time
is getting rather short  for us. If we cannot make up with all different groups
in time, I'm afraid we shall have to make do with whatever the Burmese  want to
hand out to our people. On the other hand, if we can come to terms with each
other, the Burmese shall have to give back whatever is rightly ours."

The Central Executive Committee of the Shan State Restoration Council in the
meanwhile is in a desperate position to win back its mutineers led by Major
Karnyord." At all costs," one said.