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An Opportunist makes snide remarks (r)

Subject: Re: An Opportunist makes snide remarks about Burma's democratic

>"She had an aristcratic air about her," he said.  "She always thought of
>>herself as part of the Burmese aristocracy, and that she had a right to
>>Burma's throne because of her father...She was charming, intelligent, but
>>very stubborn, very authoritarian.  She was in favor of overthrowing the
>>military, but she was personally authoritarian herself.  Once, I remember
>>her her saying,'It is my destiny to rule Burma.' I said,' You should have
>>a relatively easy time because of your father's name.' She bristled. 'I
>>will do this myself," she said.  'It won't have anything to do with my
>>father.' 'Then why do you use your father's name?' I asked.  But she just
>>repeated, 'I will do it myself.'"

In high school, she was a very quiet, reserved student. No signs of 
autocratic behavior, no haughtiness because of her famous name. In fact, 
she was too quiet. She was well-liked. 

She may have changed since then; I don't know.