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This focus on Kun Sa serves only to take away the focus from the massive
atrocities of the SLORC regime in Burma and the military power brokers in
Thailand.  It also demonstrates a naievety about the complicity of these two
parties and the border troops of the region in the whole scheme of things.

It does seem ironical, but the massive flow of drugs into the western
economies may just (justly?) be proportional to the degree of exploitation
of the regional economies of countries like Burma.  It would better serve
the interest of western social (drug) agencies for the media and politicians
to work towards establishing a true democracy in Burma by witholding trade
with and investments in SLORC enterprises.  Havent we learned enough about
propping up dictatorships in other parts of the world?

Politicians and journalists would, if they truly wanted to work toward
justice and equality, direct their efforts at bringing recognition to the
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma - the legally elected
government of Burma.  Any concession to SLORC by ANY government is a
abrogation of responsibility.