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ABSDO Statement.


	Today's anniversary marks the brutal military crack-down against 
the nation-wide democracy uprising in Burma seven years ago. This military 
coup resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

	Even with the recent release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the existence 
of basic democratic rights for Burmese people is still denied to them by the 
military regime. Thousands of activists - including Min Ko Naing and 16 
elected  representatives of the 1990 national elections - are still in 
detention with inhumane torture having been practiced on them. SLORC continue 
to reject the result of the 1990 elections and proceed with the sham 
"national convention" to ensure military power in the future Burma. Ceasefire 
agreements with ethnic groups have not been sincerely conducted by SLORC 

	Forced labour and Prison labour on many development projects are 
extensively used throughout the country and are international condemned. 
Criticism against many human rights abuses in Burmese tourism-oriented 
projects are becoming widely documented.

	Trade and investment in Burma do not benefit the grassroot population 
but serve only to reinforce the military oppression against the development 
of democratic exercises and human rights restoration.

ABSDO call for
		* strident Australian and international trade sanctions
		* an arms embargo
		* diplomatic boycotting of the SLORC regime accompanied 
		  by a tourism boycott of the regime's "Visit Myanmar Year, 

	This must be done in order to bring about the following changes:
		* the transfer of power to the peoples' representatives 
		  of the 1990 election 
		* the abolishment of the "national convention"
		* the release of all political prisoners including 
		  student leader Min Ko Naing
		* the immediate ceasation of all human rights abuses.

	All Burma Students Democratic Organisation (Australia) supported by; 
Australia Burma Council, Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma, 
Democratic Burmese Organisation (Japan), National Union of Students, 
Network of Overseas Students Collective in Australia, ANU and University 
of Canberra Students' Associations.