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SHAN: Appeal to UN to end trafficki

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Subject: SHAN: Appeal to UN to end trafficking

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MUANGMAI, 17. September 1995


The Shans have recently sent an appeal to the UN secretary general to help end
drug production in the Shan State.

The letter, a copy of which S.H.A.N. has received, says : ...We humbly appeal to
you for your assistance in restoring peace, unification, democracy and human
rights in Burma and in the timely elimination of the drug problem ... To
terminate the production of opium alone by ourselves is understandably beyond
our capabilities. We therefore would like to seek the presence and leadership of
the United Nations in order to preside over the task on behalf of the Shan State
Restoration Council, the Shan State National Congress and the Army.  We are
ready to place all our men and resources at your disposal and supervision even
if it should mean we will have to cooperate with the present government of
'Myanmar' or any other governments.

It was dated 12  September, a day after the newly established  Central Executive
Committee ( CEC ) of the Shan State Restoration Council had announced its basic
policies :
   ' Unity and peace of and for the people of all races;
     Full autonomy for the Shan State;
     A new union under a united central governmment based on equal status and
equal rights off all 
     constituent status;
     Democratic system of government;
     Full enjoyment of human rights by the people;
     Rule of law; and 
     Political settlement of all existing political issues...
 ...With regards to Shan narcotics, the CEC is sincerely prepared to cooperate
with all groups and agencies concerned both within and without, including the
people who have been dependent on poppy cultilvation (for their survival), in
order to bring about its menace to a decisive end...'