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SHAN: Heavy fighting between MTA an

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Subject: SHAN: Heavy fighting between MTA and UWSA

                              HEAVY FIGHTING BETWEEN UWSA AND MTA

MUANGMAI , 20 September 1995

The long awaited ` D-Day ' attack by the Wa troops against the Shans in the Yawn
valley, north of Mai-ai District,Chiangmai Province of Thailand, began yesterday
morning, according to Shan high command.

The Was opened up their biggest-ever attempt to chase the Shan rebels from the
area by generous shelling of their fire bases which lasted for four and a half

The attackers, which included, apart from the Wa, contingents from the
Palaung,Kachin and Lahu member-groups of the so-called Peace and Democratic
Front, followed the heavy shelling by charging the heavily defended Shan
stronghold.They however gave up their fruitless human-wave charges which
produced no more than severeral casualties - and quarrels as well - among
themselves.Exact figures of losses on both sides are , at the time of this
reporting, still not available.

Meanwhile, the Shan monks of Thailand, meeting in Chiangrai on 14 September,
again callled on both the Mong Tai Army and the renegade ` Shan State National
Army ' of Major Karnyord to refrain from using violent means to settle their