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SHAN: Shans Stil Want Peace with Wa

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Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 15:52:41 -0700

[Forwarded by the Shan Herald News Agency]


Muangmai, 22. September 1995

Despite their resounding victory over Wa onslaught on Tuesday, the Shan leaders
said they wanted none other than peace and reconciliation with their brethren
whom they had been fighting against since the latter's ceasefire agreements with
the Rangoon government in 1989.

More details about the battle were received by S.H.A.N. as Khun Duan Saengkham,
the Central Executive Committee member of the Shan State Restoration Council,
gave the above comment.

According to the official statement made this morning, the Was began shelling
the Shan firebases in Hintang from 06:10 to 09:00 local time followed by human
wave attacks by 1200 strong troops until 13:30. Though they failed to take the
main stronghold, the attackers managed to capture a hill connecting Hintang with
a minor firebase. It was later taken back by the Shans' 23rd Battalion under the
command of Kowngli in a bloody 20-minute long counter attack. They claimed to
capture 1.57 mm recoilless rifle, 12 M-22 automatic rifles and 2 M-16 automatic
rifles among others. The Was' casualties were estimated as at least 30 killed
and 100 wounded. Their own losses were 6 killed and 51 wounded. Confirmation
from the Wa or Thai sources are not available.

"We are proud of our men but not of the victory," Khun Duan told S.H.A.N. . "No
matter who wins or loses, it is quite clear the real winner won't be either them
(the Was) or us."