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For consciousness- and fund- raisin

Subject: For consciousness- and fund- raising 

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Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Dear Friends,

In the cause of Burmese democracy, Burmese Relief Center -- Japan would like to announce some new items now
available for consciousness- and fund - raising.  

We have just finished reprinting, in standard postcard size,
two cartoons by Saw Ngo (Green November 32).  One card
(red on black and white) demands, "Stop the Pipeline" while
the other (from the original watercolor, but still effective in
black and white) lampoons SLORC's "Visit Myanmar Year,"
and urges a boycott.  These cards may be ordered from
BRC--J.  Set of ten cards (5 of each design) is only $8.

To support various health programs of Mae Tao Clinic, BRC
-- J has also produced four notecards done by a talented
Burmese artist and friend of the Clinic.  Each has a superb
line drawing of a scene associated with Mae Tao Clinic and
an informative explanation on the back, but no message
inside.  A card with its envelope weighs less than 10 grams.
Available in sets of eight cards (four to send, four to keep)
with envelopes, each set is priced at $15.

While on the border this year, we also commissioned what
we understand to be the first gemstone pictures with
Burmese themes, Shwedagon, Ananda, Kyaik Tiyo, a
Buddha, Mandalay Palace, and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. 
Each picture is made with dust, sand, and chips of various
gemstones, to produce a subtle, elegant work of art in full
color.  Each picture (approx 14 cm or 5 1/2 inches in
diameter) with a teak frame and a matching stand sells for
$40. As soon as the current supply runs out (which should be
very soon), we will be ordering more from the factory, which
also supports many Burmese refugees. 

All prices include airmail postage and, in the case of the
gemstone pictures, protective packing.

Contact us if you are interested in any of these very special
items.  We can advise you as to terms of payment.

As always with BRC -- J sales, all proceeds go directly to
Burmese refugees and students on the border.

In solidarity,

Ken and Visakha Kawasaki