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/* Written Sep 28 6:00am 1995 by DRUNOO@xxxxxxxxxxxx(DR U NE OO) in igc:reg.burma */
/* -------------" The McConnell Amendment Number 2753 "--------------- */

Dear Mr Strider,

Following is my facsimile letter to the Congressman Sonny Callahan in
the support of the McConnell Amendment. I made efforts to reach some of
my colleagues in other states regarding with your appeal for support.
Hopefully they'll be able to give some support in the next 72 hours.

With best regards, U Ne Oo.

/* -------------" Letter to the Hon. Callahan "--------------- */

                                                     Dr U Ne Oo
                                                     48/2 Ayliffes Road
                                                     St Marys SA 5042

                                                     September 27, 1995.
        The Hon. Sonny Callahan
        House Foreign Operations Subcommittee
        U.S. House of Representatives
        Washington, D.C. 20515

        Dear Sir,

        RE: The McConnell Amendment Number 2753 to the bill H.R. 1868

        As a Burmese national presently residing in Adelaide Australia, I
        should like to express my sincere thanks to you and your colleagues
        at the United States Congress for continuing your attention to the
        situation of human rights and progress towards democracy in Burma.
        In this regards, I am particularly pleased that the United States
        Congress has been currently drafting the legislation for the trade
        and investment sanctions on Burma.

        I am simply overwhelmed with gratitudes and therefore write to you
        about the fact that the Congress of the United States have given
        strong support for the Burmese refugees and exiles in various
        countries, which it is reflected in the McConnell Amendment No.
        2753. We, the Burma's refugees, are so thankful to all your
        colleagues that such attention to our situations by the U.S.
        Congress and international community will ensure the refugee's well
        beings and safety. I fully appreciate The Congress' humanitarian
        concerns about Burmese people and Burma.

        I totally support the President of the United States to take a
        leading role in implementing an international arms embargo against
        Burma through the United Nations. I also support the U.S. Secretary
        of Treasury to make initiatives in limiting the international
        financial institutions' loans and funds relating with Burma.

        Although I am in support of continuing pressure to be applied to
        the Burmese Military Government, it is felt that the time is
        appropriate for international business community to be allowed to
        make contact with the people of Burma. The Congress should,
        however, make measures in order to scrutinize and control the
        amount of cash flowing into Burma. I am particularly concerned
        about the possibility of transfering large amount of hard-cash to
        the Burmese Military Government by the various oil companies.

        Finally, I should like to thank you and your colleagues at the
        U.S. Congress for your kind attantion to Burma matters.

                                                Yours respectfully,

                                                U NE OO