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Muangmai , 28 September 1995

One of the numerous tasks of the Central Executive committee of The Shan
State Restoration, which came to power in August , has been to
straighten out all the problems created by the previous administration
headed by Khun Sa. Naturally, it has been fast earning the collective
nickname as the garbage sweeper. The latest in the series is Bulletin
No.5,dated September 27 and signed by all of the members except those on
tour in Central Shan State. 

It announced the revocation of the K.1 million reward offer made by the
former leadership for the capture, dead or alive of Major Karnyord soon
after his June mutiny. Since then, it has been an endless embarrassment,
S.H.A.N learned, not only for the new leadership, but also for Khun Sa
himself, who is not unknown for doing things in haste only to repent
them on reflection. 

When S.H.A.N. ventured to inquire about it, he said : "It was my anger.
when you're so angry, you don't know what you're doing. But when our
people in Taunggyi later called to report about his arrival there, my
common sense had already returned. And I instructed them to forget the
whole thing altogether." Meanwhile, the front with the UWSA and its
allies is quiet after the failure of their attack on the MTA on Tuesday. 

Khun Duan Saengkham, the CEC' s spokesman, also denied rumors reported
by Rueters about low morale in the Shan army as groundless. " Things
have returned to normal. If there is panic in the movement, how do you
explain our successful defense against the Was, who outmanned and
outgunned us? " he smilingly retorted.