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SLORC Whitewashing Team Tours Engla

Subject: SLORC Whitewashing Team Tours England and US

Dear all:

A friend from England sent me a folowing note.  Thought it might be of
interest.    They will be in Washington D.C. after their PR campaign in
London.  The whitewashers will be  trying to persuade IMF and WORLD BANK
that Slorc is good for Burma.  (Give us more money so that we can strike
more arms deals with our mentor China!!)

"another SLORC Public Relations delegation has just
arrived in London and are holding a Questions/Answers session at the School of
Oriental & African Studies (under chairmanship of Prof. Ann Booth of SE Asia
Centre) on Monday October 2nd at 6.15 pm.  I do not know if the SLORC spokeksmen
are planning to go on to tour USA (as with the last delegation) but they may
well be.  The members of the team, as far as I can find out, are U Set Maung
(economic spokesman), U Ba Thwin (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), U Tin Tun
(Adviser to Foreign Affairs Ministry) and U Htun Shein (investment adviser).
 ... (text deleted)  one hopes that the
delegates get asked some tough questions  (text deleted) ...if SLORC can
go to the trouble and expense of sending such spokesmen on international trips,
why  can they not provide in Burma a forum for their own citizens to debate and
contribute to the country's future?  And, if the National Convention process is
to have any credibility either domestically or internationally, when is it going
to invite ASSK to participate?"

FYI: Professor Robert Taylor, a leading international apologist of military
rule in Burma, is Pro-director (i.e., no. 2) of the School of Oriental and
African Studies where the delegation will do their propaganda work.

If anyone is interested in raising issue just to put things on record.
please fax questions to 011-44-171-223-8987.

                                                        Ethiopian Proverb