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Tin Win's Supporters in Florida

Dear Mr. Swa and Mr. Thein:

To fix a little mistake of your response and to make more sense  for you, I
earnestly reply this.

The outline is very fair and proper way to conduct the future talk with Tin
Win because non-stop lecture and one sided talk can never be fair and
proper. Also, no one tries to stop Tin Win talking to any one in this
civilized society as you said. Again, we do not recognize Tin Win as an
ambassador as you do. He is a Mafia, working for the SLORC, because the
SLORC's is drug-dictator Mafia who killed more than three thousands students
in 1988, illegally put Daw Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest for almost
six years, refused to transfer power to  elected representatives, accepted
Khung Sa as an upper class investor. What's the good about the SLORC!! Just
nothing. So does Tin Win. He is never be sincere since he has worked for the
notorious SLORC. Here you will see what you have missed the points.

First,  in any condition, lower level of representations under the
international formal debate regulation with many observation--upon Tin Win's
request--are ready to talk with Tin Win. The fact is that we have been
experienced so far that the SLORC had broken many promises since it came to

Second,  Tin Win intended to break Burmese community in U.S. is his hard
work to try to show the SLORC to keep Tin Win on the lists of one of the
nominees. The fact is every bad thug gets a high thug position in the SLORC.
The SLORC is also formed by the 21 thugs self-named generals.

Third, the lower levels are very confident with language and diplomat skills
to talk with Tin Win. However, Tin Win has to carry at least an agreement of
"No Tax" decision to Than Shwe and Khin Nyunt. The fact is that he refused a
letter to carry to Than Shwe represented by National Action Committee of
Florida while the meeting. 

In short, your response cannot be counted as a majority's voice since your
signed for individual. One last thing I would like to thank for Tin Win is
that he said "to those who have held guns for their survival  throughout
their life cannot be achieved another way to feed up themselves," (03/09/96
FL-Video Tape). What he meant is that the SLORC cannot find any better way
to improve Burma but intends to rule Burma by the gun. The confession is
very helpful for us to predict what the SLORC's shadow is.   

_________________HERE YOU WROTE___________________
Response to a guide line for open talk with S.L.O.R.C's Ambassador Tin Win
	It is with much dismay to read the guide line put out by
(R.S.U),(D.B.S.O) and (C.R.D.B) on Ambassador Tin Win.
	You may have put out this guide line in an attempt to stop the
SLORC      Ambassador to Washington (D.C) from gaining the trust of the
Burmese people living in the United States and to curb his influence on
them. But your tactics are           unacceptable in a free country like
the United States. Here ambassador Tin Win has the right to talk to
individuals and organizations in the United States as long as he        is
doing it in accordance with the U.S and foreign diplomatic rules and
regulations.       If you want to counter his actions and efforts, do try
to win the confidence, trust and support of the Burmese people living in
the U.S by playing a fair game.
	Also, be careful on how you accuse others because this reveals
your standard and your desparation. For example, you accused Ambassador
Tin Win of working hard because he wants to be foreign minister. The point
is that even if your accusation is correct we find nothing wrong with it,
every government expects their ambassdors to work hard. It is also normal
for hard working ambassadors wanting    to      become foreign ministers;
vice presidents wanting to become presidents; millionaire wanting to
become multimillionaire and colonels wanting to become generals.

	We , the silent majority, are keen to listen to whoever talks
sense. It is up to us to decide how much trust we shall put in on an
individual. Of course, his sincerity, performance and effort are of utmost


Kyaw Swa & Myint Thein.