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Reply to Listener.

"If you collect eassys from Burmese and non-Burmese, that will be more
helpful to educate the listeners of the Burmese-Program, in general.

Thanks you very much for your tireless effort.

Nyi. N. Lwin"

Dear  Mr  Nyi  N. Lwin,

Thank  you  very  much  for  listening  our  Program. At  present, we  are  
gathering  news  about  Burma  translating  them  and  broadcasting. We  will  
try  to  contribute  commentaries'  views  in  future.
We  also  welcome  the  view  from  you  and  colleagues  regarding  Burma.
If  you  interested , please  send  us  Audio tape  or  Articles in Burmese.

Peace  and  courage.

Democratic  Burmese  Program.
Sydney, Australia.