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Total, Cogema, Frnch govt nuclear c

Subject: Total, Cogema, Frnch govt nuclear coverup etc

Total's shareholder, the Cogema, a giant nuclear industry consortium of
the French government, is directly linked to the following nuke story,
as well as items on the french military industrial establishment.

Another Total shareholder and director on the TOTAL SA board, French
industialist Jerome MONAD, is daily in the news as former TOTAL
shareholder, the Lyonnais des Eaux merges with the Banque Suez, a deal
worth billions in a shares swop.

And of course, former TOTAL CEO, Serge Tchuruk, now Alcatel CEO, and
still key player in TOTAL's current strategy, as board member and
godfather to current CEO Thierry Desmarest, is the Fr govt favorite in
the multi-billion dollar sell-off of the electronics and military
manufacturer, Thomson CSF. Tchuruk's rival, is the formidable media
giant Jean-Luc Lagardere (Matra, Hachette, Grollier(the US
connecticut-based Internet and multimedia company) - and yes, the
US-based, Kennedy-managed 'George' magazine which they launched and own.
Hachette controls the French newspaper and magazine national newstand 
distribution monopoly as well, giving him extraordinary power.I know,
because they took some 50 % commission !!  on my national magazine's
sales revenue over the last ten years. It is a monopoly, a death
certificate to most independents of the free press...

Fortunately we have the Internet, and many providers in France, although
the Hachette group now have the dominant market share of the Internet
press here, as well as selling monthly net subscriptions rivally aol,
compuserve etc...

dawn star, paris 

ds, EuroBurmanet, Paris

Mar 25, 1997 (Reuter) - The french state Nuclear Safety
Authority covered up two incidents at the Paluel nuclear power
plant at Rouen, where neutron flow exeeded the limits for
together 13 hours on November 20 and January 11. The
incidents, which the statt tried to hide, were caused by
software errors.