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[Asia-HR-Alert] East Timor for Begi

Subject: Re: [Asia-HR-Alert] East Timor for Beginners

Consistent with calls from the FBC, and recent AU conference featuring a
call  by human rights activists in East Timor and Indonesia, the
following is posted for your info. In solidarity, Dawn Star,

daga wrote:
> Do directly respond to <iid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> From: "Initiatives for International Dialogue" <iid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> We are happy to announce that the joint book venture of the
> Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET) and the Initiatives for
> International Dialogue (IID) is finally out.
> The book, entitled EAST TIMOR FOR BEGINNERS is written and illustrated
> by Davao-based artist and environmentalist F.C. Zamora and
> conceptualized and edited by APCET's coordinator and IID's Executive
> Director Gus Miclat.  The preface was written by Nobel Laureate Jose
> Ramos-Horta. East Timor for Beginners is the first of a series of
> "beginners" books IID will be publishing.  All these books focus on
> the struggle of the peoples in the so-called South and their
> parallelism with our own situations.
> You will find that the book can be also useful in schools and
> universities.  The language is simple, the illustrations clear and
> interesting.
> The book enlightens the reader on the situation in East Timor, how it
> came about, its people's struggle - their beginnings and future
> prospects - and what solidarity groups are doing to help them win back
> their culture, land and self-determination.  Ask  anything about East
> Timor and the little, thin brown-and-red East Timor book may have the
> basic answers.  If it doesn't, tell us.  We'll help you look for the
> answers, or we can search for them together.  This way we keep
> communicating and the book throbs and grows.
> And that is what books are really for.  So come and share in the
> celebration!  Order your solidarity copies now! The soonest you can,
> the soonest you can help the people of East Timor.
> In solidarity and celebration,
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