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request for help

Dear fellow country folks,

Currently, I am to write a critical esay for an anthology to be produced
by Joint Center for Asia and Pacific Studies ( U of T & York U). The theme
will be something like " transnational NGOs rendering humantarian
assistances to Burmese refugees " and to co-author another theme which is
" constructive engagment. " 
I would like to know the followings:

1. How many people of Burma origin are living outside Burma today, just an
   estimated round number and how many is living where etc.

2. When did the mass exodus began for the first time, 1962,1974 or 1988 ?

3. Your own impression of " refugee " and " economic migrant " 
4. Your judgement on Nelson Mandela's stand on Constrictive Engagment as
   practised by ASEAN.  

I would be highly appreciative to your kind help and I promise to keep
your information properly used and, if required, used in a confidential


Myint Shwe