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03 APRIL, 1997
( From Liaison Department, Shan United Revolutionary Army )

                                                                 3 April, 1997

Since recently two months ago, there has been news about Burmese or Bama (ethnic
Burman who are not  Shan or other different ethnic groups ), who have come to
settle down in Central Shan State, have to move to more secure places because of
the danger of some Shan armed rebels.

On 18.01.97, about 80 Shan armed rebels had entered the village of Nam Maw Khao
Saen,5 miles east of Namzarng where 3-40 houses of Burmese ex-soldiers  and
their families were living and shot dead 14 villagers, wounded 17 and burnt down
5 houses. After that there have been several incidents of raiding and bombing in
towns, and the distribution of leaflets containing a message which said that if
the Burmese army keep on persecuting the Shan people, causing them to flee, and
bringing in their fellow Burman to settle down instead, the retribution would
have to continue.

We, as a liason office of the SURA in a neighbouring country, firmly deny any
responsibility for these acts. SURA is fighting for its political aims and to
restore Shan State; it is not in its interest to create communal strife or
racial war. It will be investigated who is really behind this. However, so far
as the Burmese troops still forcibly occupy Shan State and brutally oppress the
Shan people it will be difficult to prevent it from happening again. What the
Burmese army is doing clearly shows its policy of ethnic cleansing with the
intention to turn Shan State into a Burman State; it is clearly a plan to create
racial conflict betweenShan and Burmese.

Before, a Burmese commander had once said to the relocated villagers at Kho Lam
that there were only 3 options for the Shan - (1) Destruction, ( 2 )
Assimilation, and ( 3 ) Death.

After these incidents, many Burmese have moved from rural areas into towns where
Burmese troops keep tight security, or returned to Burmese proper. Travelling
has decreased. Many Shan travellers have been harassed, scrutinized and beaten,
often without any apparent reason. And many incidents of retaliation on the part
of the Shan have occurred.

Therefore, SURA  calls on the international communities to help pressure the
Burmese soldiers to stop their forced relocation program and stop bringing
Burmese settlers into Shan State.

Liaison Department
Shan United Revolutionary Army.