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Subject: Burma-unrest-monks,lead : Burmese junta accused of     killing three monks

Burma-unrest-monks,lead : Burmese junta accused of
                           killing three monks

                           BANGKOK, April 2 (AFP) - The All Burma Young
Monks Union
                           (ABYMU) has accused the Burmese authorities of
killing three
                           monks and arresting 100 others during a wave of
communal arrest
                           that has swept the country.

                           In a statement received Wednesday in Bangkok, the
monks said
                           that demonstrations which began on March 16 were
continuing in
                           several cities. 

                           The organisation, said to receive regular reports
from monks
                           inside Burma, blames military intelligence agents
for stirring up
                           trouble between Moslems and Buddhists to distract
monks from
                           their grievances against the junta in Rangoon.

                           The accusations have not been independently

                           Dozens of mosques and Moslem properties have been
                           or destroyed and first degree security alerts
were reported to have
                           been called in five Burmese cities.

                           The ABYMU, whose history of political activism
stretches back to
                           the struggle for independence from Britain, was
declared illegal by
                           the previous military government, and is said to
have around 200
                           members living and working with ethnic groups on