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SLORC Ambassador TinWinn's dialogue

Subject: SLORC Ambassador TinWinn's dialogue with the Burmese National Movement Committee (Florida)

The following is  necessarily neither my views and opinions nor do they
reflect IntelAsia's .
TO:  All democratic loving people from Burma

RE:   SLORC Ambassador TinWinn's dialogue with the Burmese National Movement
Committee (Florida)

Ambassador Tin Winn's bold move to open talk with the Burmese National
Movement Committee of (Florida) should be taken as an initial step toward
building future democracy in Burma and needs to be commended for their
unselfish actions in the face of criticism from various Burmese political

Living in a Democratic country and in the Democratic society and very well
aware of the Democratic principals with the right of speech and action
within the laws, the BNMCF has acted wisely and intelligently led to
discussions regarding various topics including economy, politics and
people's rights to choose and elect the government and transfer of power to
the elected representatives.

A video copy of the meeting was forwarded to NCGUB government Dr. Sein Win.
The discussions were straightforward regarding the establishment of
democracy and there was nothing to be " shameful" as insulted by one of
their colleagues.  May be the person in question did not know the word
"shameful "nor did he understand fully what democracy defines,  and who just
fellows blindly with his loyal pessimistic group proving that they are the
rightful leaders to govern and to lead.  Ha! Ha! With leaders like that, who
needs enemies like SLORC?

With relatives and friends living in Burma and still maintaining the Burmese
traditions and cultures,  we look forward to the day democracy is restored
in Burma.  Until then, everyone has the right to strive their own way toward
the goal.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the various representatives of various  western
countries have tried to negotiate bring the dialogue between the NLD
representatives and the SLORC government.  Will they considered as being
"shameful " for their actions?

We welcome constructive criticism,  but do not dictate to those who try
their best to bring peace and democracy to Burma through dialogue and
negotiation.  With your narrow-minded pessimistic view, you might fall into
the same category as those of military dictator.

Myo Chit of Florida