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SLORC Ambassador TinWinn's dialogue (r)

Subject: Re: SLORC Ambassador TinWinn's dialogue with the Burmese National Moveme

Dear "Myo Chit of Florida",
	I am just wondering what U Tin Win expressed in the meeting and 
how the discussion led to the solution of Burmese problems.  Dialogue is  
the best way to 
solve the country's complicated ethnic and political problems, but as you 
all know, SLORC still ignores the call for dialogue from Daw. Aung San 
Suu Kyi and her elected National League for Democracy.  We shouldn't 
forget the fact that SLORC is still stubborn for the dialogue.
	First of all, let me tell you the cease fire talks between SLORC 
and the armed ethnic groups.  The groups from the border often called for 
peace talks participated by all parties but SLORC always diregarded the 
calls and it accepted only separated talks.  Why?  Because it hasn't 
wanted to face the united effort.  However, it wants to create conflict 
among the groups and so it accepts only when the groups agreed to talk 
separately.  You may notice the insincerity of SLORC.  Well, that is the 
first thing to notice.
	SLORC always ignores to talk with NLD and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.  
There is no sign of SLORC's willingness to talk with Daw Aung San Suu 
Kyi, and NLD.  It is amazing that why SLORC or its officials talk with 
you when they ignore Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's call for the talk.  As all 
know, if SLORC were sincere, it would not hesitate to talk with Daw Aung 
San Suu Kyi.  All should push or force SLORC to talk with Daw Aung San    
Suu Kyi (by expressing that she is our representative since we, all 
Burmese, want democracy and fundamental human rights and since our goals 
are the same) and all ethnic groups to solve over four decade long 
ethnic problems and political problems in all aspects.  As long as we do 
separately,  SLORC will have an excuse (SLORC once said that there were so 
many groups and so they couldn't take care of Aung San Suu Kyi and her 
NLD party alone.) to avoid the talk.  If we all support Daw Aung San Suu 
Kyi and if we all voice or say strongly to SLORC that it should talk 
only with her and other ethnic groups, SLORC will not find a logical 
excuse (I don't mean SLORC's present excuses are rational.).  To be 
honest, as all know, SLORC will not take our words seriously and moreover 
it will just exploit that.  (It can claim the world that it is negotiating 
with groups --- but not Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD.)  Therefore don't 
give SLORC any chance to retain power.  
	We should try urgently is the appearance of the rights  
of expression for the people so that the people can express their voices  
freely.  The voices of the people are the most important to learn and 
to take care of.  If you have access to talk to U Tin Win or Khin Nyunt, 
please ask them when they will let the people express their concern 
	PLEASE - REMEMBER GEN AUNG SAN'S WORD (If Karens do Karen's way, 
Mons do Mon's way, and ------, we will never achieve our independence!).  

	(We all know unity is very important to the struggle but we all 
never have it and we all never try seriously.  If we can't unite and if 
we think it is impossible, then the restoration of democracy in Burma 
will be still far-far away.)  Cooperative efforts are needed for the 
Burmese struggle.  

On 5 Apr 1997 waterly@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: "nyi n. lwin" <waterly@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: SLORC Ambassador TinWinn's dialogue with the Burmese  National Moveme
> To,
> Myo Chit of Florida,
> You said that the talk with Tin Win should be taken an initial step toward
> building future democracy in Burma. How?  
> Will Tin Win make it or will Myo Chit make it? Prejudging without the facts
> makes always the result wrong. The fact is Tin Win cannot achieve democracy
> in Burma as you said.  To restore democracy in Burma is the SLORC  has only
> to step down and quickly transfers power to the elected representatives.
> Selfishly, the SLORC illegitimately governs the country and represses
> people. Again, ruling the country by force, Burma is never and will never be
> politically, socially, and economically stabled. I am very surprised what
> you said of having a set conversation with Tin Win will bring democracy in
> Burma. Theoretically, the dictators will never intend to restore democracy
> in Burma until the dictators are faced mounting of pressures from publics
> and privates.  
> Every organization has right to talk with another organization whatsoever it
> feels good. No question about it, but you cannot not generalize other
> organizations that are now wrong doing. Again you can do what you think is
> good for you but please ponder what is your role for the whole picture of
> struggling for democracy in Burma since 1988. More than 30,000 students,
> monks, people were already killed. More then 2,000 political prisoners are
> still remaining in prison. The inanition of your won way, self-conclusion of
> future democracy in Burma, to approach Tin Win could be either right way or
> wrong way. We have to wait until the real answer comes out. It is too early
> to judge now.
> I have many experienced since the SLORC came to power in 1988 that the SLORC
> called on a famous monk from England and U Aung San Oo to persuade Daw Aung
> San Suu Kyi to give up her politics. U Aung San Oo denied it. I do not know
> you are that kind of influential person or a famous person to whom the SLORC
> can be used as "a human bullet" to shoot Daw Aung San Suu Kyi or Prime
> Minister Dr. Sein Win abroad.
> I am working in an office just five minutes walk form the SLORC?s embassy in
> Washington, D.C. I know all embassy staffs. I encountered with all the
> embassy?s staffs aspect  Tin Win. One time, I alone talked with Consular,
> Military Attaché, and other eight embassy?s staffs in a Burmese temple in
> Maryland. I had very strong conversations with them for almost three hours.
> What I leant from them were 1. To annihilate Keren National Union, 2. To
> assassinate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and 3. To hold power  longer. I do not
> know what they learn from me. 90 percent of embassy staffs are from military
> intelligence services. Most of them cannot speak English. Even Consular Khin
> Maung Aye has no diplomat skills at all because he had never gone a diplomat
> schools. Before Tin Win came to the embassy, When U Thoung was there, all
> most all embassy?s staffs were working illegally to feed themselves. The
> staffs got only $600 for a month. For a family with a child, even the family
> does not have to pay for the rent, the only $600 can never be enough too
> feed the family. Therefore, they illegally delivered news paper. The
> Military Attaché Kyi Tun also delivered the paper too. They all broke the
> United States?  immigration law.  Also Burma?s national dignity was broken
> down by the staffs. I called the staffs to defect to the democratic forces
> before they were taken a law suit in U.S..  Deli Khuma, a staff from
> military attaché office with three children and his wife, and Ko Toet and
> his wife, they now live in New York, defected in U.S.. 
> Some family members from the embassy talked to me how they face difficult in
> U.S. with a little salary. Some called my home and asked to help their
> husbands brutal. A staff?s, drunk man, asked to help her husband to stop
> domestic violent. I am not pro-SLORC nor supporter of Tin Win, but I am an
> 88-student who has been fighting for democracy since March 13, 1988.
> However, I have my heart to help the problem out for embassy?s staffs in
> U.S. because the are human beings like me.  Both Deli?s family and Ko
> Totet?s family are very fine and have their own houses and good jobs and the
> students are still helping for them.
> I do not know what you said about having a conversation with Tin Win can
> bring democracy in Burma. I have very much doubted it and I will keep your
> language until I meet you in person in Florida. I will come down there in
> this summer. See you later.
> Nyi Nyi Lwin (Myo Chit, Pay Chit, Luhtu Chit, Tine Chit)
> >
> >The following is  necessarily neither my views and opinions nor do they
> >reflect IntelAsia's .
> >****************************************************************************
> >*****************************
> >  
> >TO:  All democratic loving people from Burma
> >
> >RE:   SLORC Ambassador TinWinn's dialogue with the Burmese National Movement
> >Committee (Florida)
> >
> >Ambassador Tin Winn's bold move to open talk with the Burmese National
> >Movement Committee of (Florida) should be taken as an initial step toward
> >building future democracy in Burma and needs to be commended for their
> >unselfish actions in the face of criticism from various Burmese political
> >groups.
> >
> >Living in a Democratic country and in the Democratic society and very well
> >aware of the Democratic principals with the right of speech and action
> >within the laws, the BNMCF has acted wisely and intelligently led to
> >discussions regarding various topics including economy, politics and
> >people's rights to choose and elect the government and transfer of power to
> >the elected representatives.
> >
> >A video copy of the meeting was forwarded to NCGUB government Dr. Sein Win.
> >The discussions were straightforward regarding the establishment of
> >democracy and there was nothing to be " shameful" as insulted by one of
> >their colleagues.  May be the person in question did not know the word
> >"shameful "nor did he understand fully what democracy defines,  and who just
> >fellows blindly with his loyal pessimistic group proving that they are the
> >rightful leaders to govern and to lead.  Ha! Ha! With leaders like that, who
> >needs enemies like SLORC?
> >
> >With relatives and friends living in Burma and still maintaining the Burmese
> >traditions and cultures,  we look forward to the day democracy is restored
> >in Burma.  Until then, everyone has the right to strive their own way toward
> >the goal.
> >
> >Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the various representatives of various  western
> >countries have tried to negotiate bring the dialogue between the NLD
> >representatives and the SLORC government.  Will they considered as being
> >"shameful " for their actions?
> >
> >We welcome constructive criticism,  but do not dictate to those who try
> >their best to bring peace and democracy to Burma through dialogue and
> >negotiation.  With your narrow-minded pessimistic view, you might fall into
> >the same category as those of military dictator.
> >
> >Myo Chit of Florida
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University