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SLORC's Offensive Against Buddhist (r)

Subject: Re: SLORC's Offensive Against Buddhist Monks: A COMMENT

Dear Buddhist Relief Mission:

  Thank you for your detailed accounts on the monks' demonstrations in 
Burma. Most of us are now certain that SLORC planted this religious bomb 
with anti-Muslim explosive inside, just because they wanted to obscure 
their burglarizing at Mahamuni Phayagyi of Mandalay. In fact, the 
military government is good at these fabrications enough to rule Burma 
for well over three decades.

  What next? They are going seek political help from Malaysia and 
Indonesia to reward slorc as a fresher to ASEAN -- by convincing the 
Islamic countries as if they controlled very well this religious riot. As 
a Burmese saying goes "Frying a carp with oil obtained from carps." 

 Isn't it is similar to the case that the Generals in Burma effectively 
use Oil Business card to put their international drug business in 


Kyaw Tint

>From: Ken and Visakha Kawasaki <brelief@xxxxxxx>
>Subject: SLORC's Offensive Against Buddhist Monks Intensifies
>by Buddhist Relief Mission 
>April 6, 1997