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S. Korea: Hyundai To Ship Urea

Subject: S. Korea: Hyundai To Ship Urea                                        Fertilizer To Burma

Dow Jones Business News -- April 3, 1997
                                       S. Korea: Hyundai To Ship Urea
                                       Fertilizer To Burma

                                       AP-Dow Jones News Service

                                       SEOUL -- South Korea's Hyundai Corp.
(Q.HYN), the
                                       trading arm of leading conglomerate
                                       Group, said Thursday it agreed on a
                                       contract with Burma government
officials to ship
                                       urea fertilizer.

                                       Under the agreement, Hyundai will
supply to
                                       Burma 100,000 tons of urea fertilizer
                                       manufactured by Namhae Chemical Co.,
                                       Korea's largest fertilizer maker,
each year starting
                                       in 1998.

                                       In addition, Hyundai signed a
memorandum of
                                       understanding with the Burma
officials to set up
                                       fertilizer packaging and blending
plants in Burma.
                                       Details on the projects have yet to
decided, a
                                       Hyundai official added.

                                       Earlier, Hyundai agreed to ship
80,000 tons of
                                       fertilizer to Burma this year.

                                       Stocks of Hyundai Corp. ended
unchanged at
                                       13,700 won on a volume of 184,470 shares.