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Bangladesh tightens security on bor

Subject: Bangladesh tightens security on border with Burma 

Bangladesh-Burma : Bangladesh tightens security on
                            border with Burma

                            CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh, April 5 (AFP) -
Bangladesh authorities
                            have put border guards on alert along its border
with Burma to
                            thwart the possible re-entry of minority Moslem
                            security officials said Saturday.

                            The move came after Burmese immigration
authorities warned of
                            a possible renewed exodus by the Rohingyas.

                            But the local commander of the paramilitary
Bangladesh Rifles told
                            AFP "there is nothing to worry about and the
step is a
                            precautionary one." 

                            Most of the Rohingyas have been repatriated in
recent months.

                            The Bangladesh home ministry has ordered the
local radio station
                            to broadcast in local language to inform police
if any Rohingyas
                            are spotted in southeastern Bangladesh,
especially in the fishing
                            town of Teknaf and nearby Cox's Bazar beach town.

                            Security sources said several Islamic religious
groups in coalition
                            with the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO),
which has been
                            representing the the minority group, were
"trying to ignite
                            problems and exploit the people."

                            Local admistration and aid officials said
economic reasons were
                            the main driving force for any attempt to return
to Bangladesh as
                            millions of dollars of aid have poured in since
the crisis started.

                            RSO has no contact address in Bangladesh.

                            Of the 250,000 Rohingya refugees, around 25,000
are still
                            awaiting to be repatriated after fleeing their
homes in 1991
                            alleging persecution by Burmese troops, a charge