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Bomb Explosion at General Tin Oo's

Subject: Bomb Explosion at General Tin Oo's House

April 7, 1997

It has been confirmed by SLORC authorities that a bomb exploded at 
General Tin Oo's house on Sunday night, April 6th, at 8:30 pm.  1 person, 
General Tin Oo's daughter, was killed in the explosion.  The bomb came in 
a parcel and it was reported - but not confirmed - that the parcel was 
hand-delivered by someone on a motorcycle.  General Tin Oo lives in Dagon 
Township on the corner of Manawhari and Kayebim Roads.  His daughter was 
reported to be approximately 40 years old.  Those who lived in the area 
reported that the explosion was extremely loud.  No one has claimed 
responsibility for the bomb.  

Rangoon has been extremely tense over the past few weeks because of the 
Buddhist monks' protests which have included attacks on mosques.  One 
opposition member reported that observers saw some monks carrying pistols 
and walkie talkies inside their robes, but this has not been confirmed.

Various ministries which had been setting up pandals (stages) in front of 
their office buildings for Burmese New Year (Thingyan) have started 
pulling them down.  They are very worried that the situation may get out 
of control during the New Year celebrations when people drink and take 
to  the streets to throw water on one another and release pent up emotions.

We will post more information as soon as we receive more details.

- BurmaNet

(note: Thingyan begins this weekend)