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AP: Bomb Kills Burma Gen.'s Daughte

Subject: AP: Bomb Kills Burma Gen.'s Daughter -- <<<no, not ASSK>>>

                         Bomb Kills Burma Gen.'s

                         Monday, April 7, 1997 10:04 am EDT

                         RANGOON, Burma (AP) -- A mail bomb exploded in the
                         of a leading member of Burma's military
government, killing his
                         eldest daughter.

                         A senior military officer confirmed that an
explosion occurred at
                         8:52 p.m. Sunday at the house of Gen. Tin Oo, the
army chief of

                         Tin Oo was believed to have been the target of
bombs that
                         exploded last December at a Rangoon pagoda,
killing five people.
                         The blasts occurred shortly after Tin Oo visited
the temple.

                         The senior military officer, who spoke on
condition of anonymity,
                         said Tin Oo was not injured in Sunday's explosion.
 But a
                         government statement confirmed today that his
eldest daughter,
                         Cho Lei Oo, 34, was killed.

                         The government statement called the attack a
``terrorist bomb
                         explosion'' and said a parcel bomb was suspected.

                         A funeral for Cho Lei Oo was scheduled for
Tuesday. She was
                         married to an army major and had two children.

                         There was no claim of responsibility and the
government did not
                         initially accuse anyone. The government has blamed
                         bombings on communists, rebel groups and
                         leader Aung San Suu Kyi, winner of the 1991 Nobel
Peace Prize.
                         All deny such charges.

                         A spokesman for Suu Kyi's party described the
bombing as ``an
                         act of cowardice'' and said the group had no
connection with the

                         Two rebel groups -- the Karen National Union and
the All-Burma
                         Students Democratic Front -- told The Associated
Press in
                         Bangkok, Thailand, they also had nothing to do
with the blast.

                         Man Sha, vice secretary-general of the Karen
National Union,
                         attributed the attack to a rivalry within the
ruling State Law and
                         Order Restoration Council, in power since 1988