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book selling

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Dear Burmanet readers

"Tangay- The Setting Sun of Ramanya" is a fascinating book for anyone
interested in South East Asia and the Mon in particular.

This book gives a rare insight into the history, the culture and
especially the plight of the children caught in a political and social
conflict.  Add a captivating plot and you get a book you will not be able
to put down before you turned the last page.

"Tangay" is now selling for US$-plus mailing costs. Please contact below
if you are interested.

Pon Nya 
Monland Restoration Council

In Asia

Suksit Siam Co. Ltd.
113-115 Fuangnakhon Road.
Bangkok 10200 
fax: 66-2-222 5188

In Europe
Fax: ( Switzerland) 41-1-262-0641

Email:  100777.1452@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx