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Bomb Killed Daughter of Burmese Gen

Subject: Bomb Killed Daughter of Burmese General

                                The New York Times Company
                               The New York Times

                  April  7, 1997, Monday, Late Edition - Final

SECTION: Section A; Page 8; Column 1; Foreign Desk

LENGTH: 230 words

HEADLINE: Bomb Kills Daughter Of Burmese General

BYLINE:  Reuters

DATELINE: YANGON, Myanmar, Monday, April 7

   A bomb exploded at the house of a top Burmese military official, killing his
daughter and setting off a renewed security alert in the capital, Yangon,
sources close to the family and diplomats said today.

   The bomb exploded on Sunday at the house of Lieut. Gen. Tin Oo, the Army
Chief of Staff and Secretary No. 2 of Slorc, the ruling State Law and Order

Restoration Council.

    Sources close to the family said General Tin Oo's eldest daughter was killed
in the blast. The daughter's name and age were not given.

   Government officials confirmed the attack but would not say if General Tin
Oo's daughter was killed.

   Heightened security was apparent today on the streets of Yangon, formerly
called Rangoon. Armed troops and police officers stood on many streets, although
they were not seen stopping pedestrians or vehicles.

   The military Government of Myanmar, formerly  Burma,  has been on top
security alert since late December when two bombs exploded at a Buddhist shrine
in the capital, killing 5 people and wounding 17. The Government blamed that
attack on the Karen National Union guerrilla group, which has denied

   General Tin Oo is one of the hardliners in the Government, and often gives
speeches urging troops and citizens to "annihilate" anyone who opposes the
Government and anyone seen trying to undermine the stability of the nation.


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