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A Burmese Benefit Dinner in Kyoto


Sunday, May 18,1997, in Kyoto

Time: 3 PM
Cost:  8,000 yen 
(6000 yen for seniors over 60
 4000 yen for children under 12)

For Dinner Reservations contact:
Burmese Relief Center -- Japan
(vegetarian course available)

Refugee Bazaar --  Admission Free!
11AM - 3 PM
Many distinctive handmade gifts from Thailand, Burma, and refugee camps
along the border

Place:	Kyoto Co-op 
Shimogamo Center 2F
37 Takagi-cho, Shimogamo, 
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
	This gala event will include a full-course dinner of authentic, delicious
Burmese dishes, classical Burmese music, traditional cultural performances,
and a lively auction of Burmese arts and other choice donated items.  All
proceeds will benefit Burmese students and refugees on Burma's borders.

	This is the seventh anniversary of the 1990 elections in Burma, won
overwhelmingly by the National League for Democracy, but nullified by the
military junta, SLORC.  Again this year, Burmese Relief Center -- Japan is
commemorating the elections with a call for the restoration of democracy in
the country, under the leadership of the winner of those elections, Nobel
Peace Prize Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

	Just after New Year, SLORC staged attacks on a number of Karenni and Karen
refugee camps in Thailand, burning hundreds of houses, leaving thousands
homeless and terrorizing all.  This year's dry-season offensive has forced
more than 20,000 new arrivals to flee fierce fighting and SLORC reprisals.
That means there are over 120,000 Burmese students and refugees along the
Thai-Burma border alone with the situation liable to deteriorate even
further.  Most Burmese refugees suffer from malaria and relief groups face
acute shortages of food, clothing, blankets, shelter, and medicine.  Last
year BRC-J provided more than three million yen in relief supplies but this
year the needs are much greater.

Join us for a delicious dinner!
Contribute to a worthy cause!
Burmese Relief Center?Japan
266-27 Ozuku-cho, Kashihara, Nara 634
Tel: (07442) 2-8236 
Fax: (07442) 4-6254
e-mail: brelief@xxxxxxx