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Information Sheet No. A-0032 (r)

Who set the bombs?? The SLORC!!

Again the SLORC lies public and pushes Japanese government to crackdown on
peaceful pro-democracy organizations in Japan by accusing of a bomb mailed
from Japan. 

A bomb went off in Tin Oo's resident and killed his daughter on Sunday.  

The SLORC's allegation is absolutely wrong. The fact is it is very
impossible to pass a mail-bomb-- even an anti-SLORC letter--through the post
offices' security seek in Burma. Sine 1988, the SLORC has hired more then
ten thousand state employees, both full time and part time positions, to
open every letter and every percale from abroad and to abroad. They open
anything before it is sent to the local addresses. Another five hundred
employees have been hired to tap every overseas call.  They tap every
overseas call.

The aim of the SLORC's accusation the organization in Japan is to defeat
growing anti-SLORC movements within Japan. 

The bomb that killed Lt. Gen. Tin Oo, daughter on Sunday was just set up by
the SLORC itself. Since the top lever of the SLORC's members have been
struggling for power, the bomb went off in Tin Oo's resident. 

Tin Oo is struggling to get No.1 secretary position to replace with Khin
Nyunt. Tin Oo is also the baker of Gen. Maung Aye. Maung Aye is also
struggling for the SLORC's chairman position to replace with Gen. Than Shwe.
Gen. Khin Nyunt and Gen. Than Shwe are defending their positions. As a
result, they are trying to assassinate each other. Therefore, the SLORC set
the bombs at Kaba Aye Pagoda and in the Tin Oo's resident. So the SLORC has
full responsibility for the bombs and killed the innocents.


At 08:14 PM 4/8/97, you wrote:
>                        Information Sheet 
>                          ***************
>No. A-0032									date. 8-4-97
>		Initial investigation revealed that the terrorist bomb that 
>exploded  at  Lt.Gen Tin Oo's residence on the evening of the 
>6th of April 1997 was airmailed from Japan. According to the 
>information received from the on going investigation there are 
>reasons to believe that the bomb plot was masterminded by 
>some anti-Myanmar government groups within Japan which have 
>resorted to act of terrorism.